Student Work

This is my work I did for my personal branding and what I am most excited about. I enhanced my log a bit to make it look cleaner and more professional along with my presentation. This process was fun and I enjoyed making a logo that coincides with my current brand. I had an EP Called Collide-O-Scope which was a really cool concept involving a theme of my worlds colliding musically in a very artistic way. Obviously there is a cool play on words with “collide” and “kaleidoscope”. I wanted my logo to take this a step further.


Brand Guide

This was the original brand guide that I used for my logo. After some good bit of feedback I decided to tweak some things within my logo.

Final Logo

These are my final logo designs with a cleaner finish. I think they capture the elements of the “collide-o-scope” concept well and really represent the type of work I do for clients.